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A Sanctuary For Health & Relaxation

Escape to bliss and restore the calm. The spa provides an unparalleled atmosphere of luxuriant beauty. Peaceful tranquility and privacy; essential elements to creating peace of mind.

The finest aromatherapy essences greet guests as they enter. Tranquil and serene music relax your mind and spirit. Only the finest natural products and botanicals are used in our restorative treatments.


Massage Therapy

Massage techniques provide relaxation of the mind and body, pain relief, and reduce anxiety. Long term effects include improved respiration and circulation, while bolstering your immune system.


E.R. Massage Therapy & Spa Services

Hours by appointment

Sunday 8am-12pm

Mon-Thru: 8:30am-7pm

Friday 8:30am-5pm

Saturday: Closed


 Located at World Gym

                                                   Prince Frederick, MD 20678
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